Friday, August 14, 2020

About Horry County Fire/Rescue:

Horry County Fire Rescue is a combination career members tasked with  fire supression and all hazards response to the unincorporated areas of Horry County and emergency medical care for the entire county.  Horry County covers over 1134 square miles making it the largest county east of the Mississippi.  One of the largest tourist destinations in the country, Myrtle Beach, and the entire Grand Strand area is located within the county.

Staffing for the department consists of over 320 full time career staff and over 300 volunteers.  The Department is split into three battalions geographically.  Currently, the department operates nineteen Advanced Life Support ambulances throughout the county.  The county operates thirty-ninr stations between the career and volunteer staff.

The Headquarters is located in the county seat of Conway within the M.L. Brown Public Safety Complex.  This building houses the Public Safety Director, the Emergency Management Division, the Coroner's Officer, and the Horry County Police Department.

Horry County operates a stand alone Emergency 911 system located in the City of Conway.  Staff of E911 answers all emergency calls for the entire county.  However, some municipalities dispatch their own units.  These calls are transferred by the County E911 Center. 

The Department has Specialty Teams including the HazTech Team, the Marine Rescue Dive Team, the Wildfire Team, Fire Investigations, Competition, Honor Gueard and the Public Education Team.

Horry County Fire Rescue provides "mutual aid" to areas within the municipalities of Horry County.  These areas include the cities of Myrtle Beach, Conway, Surfside, North Myrtle Beach and Loris.  The Department can be requested by these departments within their jurisdiction.  These departments also provide mutual aid to Horry County Fire Rescue.  Another area of mutual aid is to departments located in counties adjacent to Horry County.  These departments include Fairbluff, NC, Tabor City, NC, Calabash, NC, Mullins, SC, Murrells Inlet, SC and Nichols, SC.

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